What the angels will ask

The angels, when I return to their lofty realms, are going to want a full report:
What was it like that Monday morning when you awoke to summer sun and birdsong?
You and the cat in the backyard with the breezes and songs caressing your skin and ears and eyes with delight? As you struggled to learn how to really see the birds, each in their own wondrous design, color and wings, chirps, calls and songs? Lukewarm cup of coffee, apple blossoms, and light? The river hustling along, the leaves breaking through and clothing the earth in green? Tell us everything… Our longing is to know the earth as you have known, complete. Leave nothing out, your life is our dream!

7 thoughts on “What the angels will ask

  1. Beautiful musing – but they already know! They are here with us at every moment. What I think they will ask us (although already knowing the answer) is, we gave you the direction and the opportunity – did you do the GOOD that you intended to do when you set out this time?


    1. Hi Christine, thanks for your words! I agree they are here with us, all the time… But since they do not incarnate, they rely on our sense experiences and our seeing and expressing in words which can spiritualize matter in a way. Anyway that’s what I was going for. And since they are our guides, even if they know, they still want to know that we know and have lived out of that knowing… But this is musing on my part. The question remains: what do angels hear? What do angels smell, taste, see?


  2. We are in full accord. They experience Earth life through us. But not after we cross over – every day and at all times. I use Adam Bittleston’s prayers every day, including “The Guardian Angel”

    Every pain endured
    Every word I speak
    Every wish and fear
    Every sense of joy
    My Angel shares with me.

    May your gentle warmth,
    Angel, live afresh
    Ever with renewed* strength
    From Christ who goes Himself
    As Angel through the world.

    * I changed this from “new”.

    I believe that our Angels’ experience of physical life is profound through us at every moment. And perhaps it became even deeper through the Incarnation of Christ, when the Most High descended into Human experience and saw, heard, felt and tasted the Earth through the Body.

    Your meditation is gorgeous and I would not have it changed. Only the idea that our Angel has to wait in some way until after our death to experience our life. It is more that we ourselves may be missing half of what we are actually experiencing and that after our death, our Angel will share it with us in a way that helps us experience our own life more fully.


  3. I thought that every night our souls rise up to the angels and transmit our sense impressions to them. The more attention we pay to the details and nuances of real beauty (i.e nature or art) then the richer our offering; the other side of which is, of course, that if we only pay attention to commercialism and tv shows for example we will have a much poorer feast of sense impressions to offer up to our angels during the night….just my own musing πŸ˜‰


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