Snow Late in April

snowflakes in april

It seems that the blessed beings of the starry realms have so much to say this year
that they keep sending their tiny white star envelopes
to earth. It seems that the earth
needs these crystalline messages, these ambassadors of harmony
and an architecture of love and goodness of form
to heal the disintegrations and decimations of these
that have the world, as it were, in a bit of a grip.
It seems that snow is necessary in this Eastertime
when we are to practice resurrection, to reengender hope,
to strengthen our faith in one another and in a world
of human beings who, though we take so many wrong turns
on the way to life, mean well, want the world to be a place
of blessing, not only for itself, but for the cosmic world which rings us round.
It might take a little practicing, but I say, practicing,
thank you for snow.

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