The World Wide Web of Destiny by Gisela Wielki

Otto Dix_Calling_PeterBy now the www interconnects, links most of the world’s population.
At the beginning of the twentieth century Rudolf Steiner reawakened awareness for a totally different human network. Many of his profound spiritual investigations regarding karma and reincarnation have remained almost unnoticed by the world at large. They not only cast light on the karmic connectedness of individuals, but also on world karma tying together the human being, the earth and the angelic realms.
According to a legend, Mary and Joseph and the child, pursued by Herod’s soldiers, sought refuge in a cave. At once a spider weaves a web over the entrance. Seeing the spider web, the soldiers believe that surely no one is hiding in the cave. The next morning, before the holy family moves on, the child thanks the spider in the web by drawing a cross on its back. Through the spider’s act of rescue, it has unknowingly saved the child for his later death, the death upon the cross. In this way, the web at the entrance of the cave became a worldwide web of destiny for God, the human being and the earth.
At the turning point of time, shortly after his baptism in the Jordan, Christ Jesus walks on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. There he finds fishermen casting, mending and washing their nets. He calls them and they follow him. Familiar with handling and caring for the net, they are apparently suitable to become his disciples.
In the third millennium, one can only wish that human beings becoming familiar with the handling and care of the entanglements, intermeshing and interconnectedness of karma, would increasingly haul up from the depth of the sea of destiny genuinely new insights on how to mend and repair social and karmic tears and tangles. To come upon such a ‘catch of insight’ will require more than to fish with our web browsers in a sea of information.

Reposted from Facebook with permission. LM
Artwork: The Calling of Peter by Otto Dix from the book Matthäus Evangelium (out of print)

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